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ARM company provides for over 60 years the design, manufacture and sale of a wide range of instrumentation in materials for the measurement of pressure and temperature.
References are important in these fields, particularly in the industries of petrochemical, power generation (EDF approvals for nuclear), food, hydraulics ...

The commitments in the quality charter and the company's development prospects revolve around three axes :
With our experience, we technically respond to many special requests and help you, if necessary, to define the necessary products for your project. Our calibration laboratory establishes certificates from -1 to 1000 bar (COFRAC attached) for pressure and from -40 to + 600°C for temperature.
Each component is manufactured, assembled and tested in strict compliance with quality and international standards (EN837, ISO9000, PED 97/23/EC, ATEX 94/9/EC...).
We have a large stock of over 30,000 products across commodity hardware that responds within 24 hours to your immediate needs.